Writing Portfolio

This is by no means all my work. Rather, it’s meant to give you a window into the kind of writing I produce. Enjoy!


  • Deltarune: Includes Walkthrough, Characters, Enemies, Items, References to Undertale, Ending Explained.
  • Darksiders III: Includes Walkthrough, Boss Guides. Includes video for each section approx 60 videos in total.
  • Bandersnatch: Includes Walkthrough, Things You Should Know Before Watching, Endings, All Dead End Choices, Map of All Outcomes, Secret Scenes, Easter Eggs.
  • Metro Exodus: Includes Walkthrough, Things You Should Know Before Playing, Characters, Enemies, Weapons, etc.

Script Writing and Voice-Overs

For this tips video, I wrote the script and captured the gameplay footage. Video edits were done by Sean Finnegan with a voice-over by Brian Altano.

For this review, I wrote the script with the intention of being under 5 minutes. Additionally, I did the voice-over, captured the gameplay footage, and did all the edits.