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I’m on a quest to become the most knowledgable critic and content creator I can be by playing the latest and greatest games, searching for hidden gems, and catching up on classics I missed the first time around.

I bring a level of honestly, analysis, and kindness that benefits the industry while having practical benefits for gamers of all kinds.

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My Patreon is one of the best ways to support. Below is a brief over view of my tiers. At 3K a month I’d reach financial stability and be able to make additional content.

  • Thank You $1: Private Discord channel, Behind-the-scenes content, Exclusive voting power, 10% Off Merch
  • Fan $5: Early Access + previous tier.
  • Supporter $10: Real life letter from a video game world and your name in the podcast show notes + previous tiers.
  • Sponsor $25: Verbal shoutout at the end of all streams, additional voting power, + previous tiers.

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Sub to me on Twitch. If you have Amazon Prime you get one free sub and can use it for my stream.

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I made a list of items that can improve my production quality. Items currently range from $50 – $100.

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Think I could use an item that’s not on the list? Have gear you’re not using? A game you’re not playing? Or a cool care package you want to put together? You can mail it to my PO Box

Janet Garcia
P.O. Box 3393
Glendale CA 91221
United States

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