IGN Podcast appearances include NVC, Beyond!, Game Scoop, and unlocked. Below is a sampling of episodes. Keep scrolling for non-IGN podcast appearances.


  • Podcast Summary: NVC (Nintendo Voice Chat) is an adventure through everything Nintendo: games, news, opinion and controversy. Hosted by Casey DeFreitas, Peer Schneider, Brian Altano, Zach Ryan, and Tom Marks! Want to know the latest about Nintendo Switch, 3DS, and Nintendo’s legacy? This is where you get. the. thing.



  • Podcast Summary: The #1 Xbox show on the internet comes to you weekly to discuss the news, games, and opinions on the inner workings of Xbox, Microsoft, and probably In-N-Out Burger. Hosted by Ryan McCaffrey, Miranda Sanchez, Brandin Tyrrel, and Destin Legarie.

Game Scoop!

  • Podcast Summary: Game Scoop! is IGN’s video game talk show. It’s basically “The View” for games. Hosted by Daemon Hatfield, Justin Davis, Sam Claiborn, and Tina Amini.

Below is a working list of the podcasts I’ve done with other video game content creators. If you’re interested in collaborating contact me via any of my social media pages.

Top 100 Games Podcast

top 100

  • Podcast summary: Counting down the top 100 video games of all time!
  • I talked about the 89th greatest game of all time: Jak 2. Jared and I discussed what makes a good mascot platformer, what Jak 2 has in common with Pac-Man, what it means to be a friend-in-law, and much more. Available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Bad Bit Podcast


  • The Bad Bit Show: Being A Woman Entering The Gaming Industry, and talked about just that. As well as my background and how to teach kids not to be jerks to each other when gaming.

WeTheNerdy‘s GamerCast


  • Podcast summary: “Sweet hangs with strangers on the internet.”
  • We The Gamercast Episode 137, and talked to Sean Capri about large coffee mugs, people’s unreasonable hatred on GameStop, my general mindset, and what I create and why I create it.


NintenDomain Podcast


Switch Talk


  • Podcast Summary: a pocket-sized podcast featuring Nintendo Switch game impressions and recommendations. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes long, making it an easy addition to anyone’s schedule. Available across podcast services and on YouTube.
  • On Ep. 8 I discussed Brawlout, a $20 Super Smash Bros. clone that recently made its way to Switch. Listen to me discuss indie characters in fighting games, complain about clunky interface, and compare this brawler to accidental cookie dough.