Here is a working list of the collaborations I’ve done with other video game content creators, starting with the most recent:

I guest featured on Switch Talk, a pocket-sized podcast featuring Nintendo Switch game impressions and recommendations. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes long, making it an easy addition to anyone’s schedule. I was on Ep. 8 to discuss Brawlout, a $20 Super Smash Bros. clone that recently made its way to Switch. Listen to me discuss indie characters in fighting games, complain about clunky interface, and compare this brawler to accidental cookie dough.


I guest featured on Nintendo Domain Podcast, the podcast that covers all things new and retro from Nintendo. I was on Episode 99 to discuss Xenoblade Chronicles 2, specifically Pyra’s hyper sexualized character design. Listen to me discuss sexiness as characterization vs objectification and push back against “they’re just boobs” rhetoric.