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Nintendo Switch

What the Nintendo Switch Needs to Do to Be Successful in 2017

I've had the Nintendo Switch since launch day and so far I'm very happy with the console. I'm surprised with how much I enjoy its portability and, so far, I've played Breath of the Wild, Binding of Issac, Shovel Knight,... Continue Reading →


Why the Nintendo Switch is quickly becoming my favorite console.

"It doesn't even have any games." "What's the online support going to be like?" "What about the connectivity issues?" "I hear the screen can get scratched or at least, like, the black edge part around the screen." "Dead pixels." "Frame... Continue Reading →

Cold Hard Facts: If You Haven’t Been Doing Local Multiplayer The Nintendo Switch isn’t Going to Change That.

Lately, I’ve been seeing articles and comment threads praising the Nintendo Switch for potentially resurrecting local multiplayer. There’s no denying that the marketing is there to highlight this idea: the joy-con controllers can be played by 2 people and it’s... Continue Reading →

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