Past Projects

No longer producing content, Bit By Bit was a YouTube channel/podcast all about video game opinions, anecdotes, and experiences. This project ran for over a year and a half and was in collaboration with my friend and fellow gamer, Jess Reed.

Our YouTube channel featured several video game related series, including:

A Video Game Podcast: We have a cup of coffee and discuss a video game topic (from industry practices to personal anecdotes, and everything in-between). Posted every weekend. A Podcast version is also available via iTunes or Podomatic.

Gamer Girl Monthly Unboxings: We show off the jewelry and accessories that come in this $13 subscription box. Posted monthly.

Key Items: In the spirit of “favorites” videos, (that typically discuss accessories, make-up, etc), we discuss our favorite nerdy items of the season. Watch us gush over comics, merch, clothing, video games, and more. Posted quarterly.


Our other series weren’t as long running but we also did:
Video Game Reviews: these were discussion based reviews that included a number of talking points (including presentation, narrative, gameplay, and final thoughts).

Chicago Gaming Spotlight: in which we highlighted an aspect of the Chicago gaming community.

And lastly, the Women in Gaming Spotlight where we highlighted a woman in the games industry.


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