img_8826My name is Janet Garcia and I’m a freelance video game journalist from Chicago, IL. Gameonysus will be a more personal window into my gaming experiences, in addition to serving as a hub world for everything I do that’s gaming related: from articles to YouTube videos.  You can expect posts on everything from me geeking out over a video game trailer to admitting I never realized the sticker on the front of my Xbox One was just a sticker I could peel off.

The name “Gameonysus” means God of Gaming, a play on Dionysus (the god of wine) and a way to pay homage to my love of alcohol and mythology. Gameonysus was my social media handle at first but it has also become part of my gaming identity. Although people struggle with the pronunciation (game-on-uh-sus) I felt I needed to name my personal site something that felt personal to me. Here’s to living up to that name.

You can find more of my writing at Nerd Much and, previously, at Bit Cultures.

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