Save Point March 2018

Hey all, it’s been a while. Rather than try and encapsulate 2 months into 1 I’m going to mainly focus on March.

A few things from February though…

I had an article go up on Kotaku: My Grandiose Quest To Play (and Love) FIFA’s Most Underappreciated Teams. Which involved me breaking down those elaborate region based FIFA tournaments I do with my brother Edwin and explaining the beauty of FIFA (18): it connects us with those around us and the world at large.

I had another article go up on Nerd Much: The Value of Finishing Video Games You Don’t Like where I shared my experiences finishing games I’m not crazy about, what I got out of that, and how this doesn’t mean I finish every game I start (an important distinction).


That’s right; that’s right. It finally happened and wow this has already drastically improved my life. So many more video games are available right at my finger tips and (perhaps more importantly) editing/video recording is so much smoother.

I bought a Cyber Power PC AMD Ryzen 5 1600X which you can watch me unbox on my channel. I linked everything I purchased, in detail, in the description.

Speaking of YouTube

Things have been going great. I’m almost at 250 subscribers so make sure you’ve subscribed if you haven’t already.

I finally got around to doing my 100+ subs celebration (an ask me anything video):

For 200 subs I’m doing a room tour. I already recorded the footage: I just have to edit it together.

Lastly, I had my first ever guest on the channel! My brother came through: he gifted me a surprise gift from Kickstarter. The Brawler 64 Gamepad aka a N64 controller with modern updates. We open it up, give first impression, and play it to get a feel for how it actually controls. I loved doing this collab. We got almost 500 views on this video, 23 likes, and a lot of comments so I’m happy to say the community loved it too.

Speaking of Collabs

I guested on Nintendo Domain Podcast again. This Nintendo podcast has such a great cast of guys. Conversations always feel relaxed and well balanced so if you’re a Nintendo fan definitely check this out.


This time around I talk about Kirby.

I also featured on We The Nerdy’s Gamer Cast for the first time.


Sean Capri, the host of this podcast, reached out to me to collab. That’s when I went through the archives of his show and I have to say: WOW. He has so much energy. He’s a quirky passionate person and his podcast is definitely a must listen. I was so inspired going through the archives and hearing him talk to other creatives. You can check out my guest feature here.

Lastly, I guested on The Bad Bit Show podcast


and talked about what it’s like being a woman trying to make it in the industry (among other things).

Website Updates


You may have already noticed but I completely updated this site thanks to some work from my friend Katherine and my Ally Almore. Katherine does 2D art for fun and Ally is a professional photographer in Chicago, IL.

Katherine designed some logos. Here is the one you can find on the website.

cropped-cropped1.jpgAnd this one is used for other platforms:

Gameonysus Banner


Headquarters Beercade photshoot

You can see those photos across my platforms online but here are a few you might’ve missed/that I may not have used yet. For more of Ally’s work you can check out her website.






Patreon is going strong

I gained 2 new folks on Patreon and one of my Patrons raised their pledge! If you’re not familiar with my work on Patreon you can watch this video:

I’m about $22 shy from doubling my video output. Yay!

Coming Up…

  • 2 videos for The Bulletin, a series I’m running on Nerd Much’s YouTube channel
  • More articles for Nerd Much.
  • My first ever convention! The Midwest Gaming Classic
  • Reviews on my channel

What I’m Playing

  • Kirby Star Allies
  • Dishonored
  • Doom

To keep up with the games I’m playing, have played, etc check out my Grouvee page.


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