Website Update

When I started this website I decided it would be a hub world for all my gaming thoughts: it both has and hasn’t been that. Currently is schrödinger’s blog. I want to make the focus clearer so here’s what I have in mind going forward. 

Rather than trying to make this site both a portfolio and a blog in itself, I’m going to take the former route. This will officially be a hub world rather than its own world as well. Here’s what you can expect from here on out:

  • Updates featuring the work I’ve done in a give month.
  • Permanent links to all the places you can follow me and view my content.
  • As necessary, informal posts updating you on my gaming life & career in the games industry.

So what does that mean for the other series I’ve started here? 
Rest assured, I will be adding to my fuckboys in gaming history series. It’s what the world needs.

I don’t want to announce anything just yet but my plan is to create another blog (or two!) so that my content can be given a proper home and space to grow. This will help me be more organized because now my website will have a clear purpose. I also hope this will be helpful to all of you. Maybe some people like the writing I’ve done here but don’t care for updates on my other projects or vice versa. By separating everything and giving it all a clear mission statement, I can be more organized and you guys can get the content you actually want. Remember you can read my articles on, check out my YouTube content on Bit By Bit, like my Facebook page for gaming updates and some live videos, and follow me on Twitter.

Stay tuned!



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