Somehow I Didn’t Know: Those controllers with the built in fans were Nyko, not Mad Catz.

The controllers I’m referencing are the Nyko Air Flo controllers. I had one for my PS2, this exact model, and loved it:


Sure it was another janky 3rd party controller, but it had character to it. Plus, I loved the fan option. My palms often get sweaty during long gaming sessions so the fan was exactly what I needed. I’m sure as a kid I knew this was a Nyko Controller, I mean it says Nyko ON the controller. But somewhere along the line I thought it was a Mad Catz controller, thus creating a false memory for myself. For the past 8+ years I had always thought of the above controller as Mad Catz.

This controller was the one I’d always bring up when people talked shit about Mad Catz. I’d tell them “I had this one Mad Catz controller with a fan built into it and I loved it.” This article was originally going to be me defending Mad Catz by praising this controller. But today, while doing some google searches for the article, I realized those Air Flo controllers I remember so fondly  were made by Nyko. Not Mad Catz. Even as I type this part of me is still in disbelief. My entire life is a lie. What else am I wrong about?

My sincerest apologies to anyone who has had to listen to me defend Mad Catz by citing false information, I guess they’re just garbage. Now I’m not sure I even used a Mad Catz controller… maybe for the GameCube?

The “Somehow I Didn’t Know” series is all about revelations I’ve had that (basically) everyone else already knew. I look forward to sharing more of my errors, flubs, oversights, and cultural gaps with all of you. Comment below with your “Somehow I didn’t know” moments.


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