Collection Envii: this complete Wii set is inspiring.

Thanks to Chris Carter’s Destructoid article, I found out about one man’s complete Wii collection.

“Somehow, user NintendoTwizer managed to fully complete a Wii collection — yes, I mean he has every game ever made on the Wii, which is 1262 games in all.”

I half-heartedly checked out NintendoTwizer’s post for the details (but mainly the pictures). Because, full disclosure, I hate the Wii. It’s the only Nintendo home console, of my lifetime, that I didn’t buy (or want). I even resented the good games the Wii had to offer for being on such an idiotic console.


Will I ever be able to play Super Mario Galaxy with a pro controller? I don’t know.

And I resented my Wii U for assuming I had those controllers… that means you Mario Party 10, which was also trash for completely separate reasons.

To me, the Wii’s controller design is absurd and, although my experiences are limited, the motion control can be a chore. I mention all of this because, despite my distaste, I really loved reading about this collection. In general, I have a soft spot for anyone attempting to get a complete collection for any console. There’s something so beautiful and satisfying about having it all on the shelf. But, superficialness aside, I love that people can love something that much. I hate the Wii. Yet, I find myself moved by this man’s passion for the Wii. 

In that original post on NintendoAge, he provides a thorough overview of the Wii via FAQs: such as “How many Wii games are in a North American Set?”and “Is anything rare?”

The rarest games list was one of the most intriguing parts of this to me since most of these titles are games I’ve never heard of/games that sound pretty basic: such as Smiley World Island Challenge and Chuck E Cheese Sports Games. You can check out the complete list here:

But basic games come with the completionist territory and that has its own charm, to quote Nintendotwizer:

“there’s a ton of great games and a ton of shovelware, but that’s cool.  The crappy games tell an interesting story as well.  I don’t know how many times I came across a random Wii game and said to myself… “what the hell, they made this for the system?”.  That was part of the fun.”

But what won me over, more than anything, was the personal aspect of it of his collection:

“What is my history with the Wii?
Let’s start at the beginning, the launch of the Wii.  The morning of the midnight launch I called Walmart, it was around noon and I ask if the system would be available and how many they had in stock.  The clerk said yes, they had around 20ish in stock and there was already around 20ish people waiting outside the store.  Well crap, I ran to my car, speed to the store and jumped in line.  I had no time to plan, grab lunch or anything.  I was in it for the long haul, even if that meant standing on a sidewalk for 12 hours.  I counted about 23 people in line in front of me.  I gave myself about 50/50 chance of going home with a Wii.  An hour later a Walmart clerk came out to where everyone was standing.  He had tickets in his hand, each one with a number.  If you got a ticket you could come back at midnight and pick up your Wii.  Tickets were getting dispensed, no problem, until they came to the lady with five kids about three people in front of me.  Now she was putting up a stink “I need six tickets, one for me and one for each one of my kids”.  WTF?? I know this ladies game, she’s a scalper.  After the Wii was released they sold out everywhere for months, unless you wanted to pay $400-$600 on ebay.  I and everyone behind me was about to riot, but thankfully Walmart had the common sense to limit it to one ticket per family.  She was pissed and I was happy, as I got the second to last ticket.  I went back at midnight, picked up Zelda, Excite Truck and Super Monkey Ball:  Banana Blitz.  I ended up playing games until I finally passed out at around three in the morning.”

By 2014, I’ve acquired over 100 games over the life time of the Wii, lots of really fantastic titles, one’s I’ve put countless hours into.  In early 2015, I sold my collection to build a house, every game I owned found a new home, all as one huge lot.  My Wii game count was back at zero.

My December of 2015 my new house was complete.  I designated a spare space for the new game room.  I spent the next year picking up Wii games I saw them.

Everything about that resonated with me: from the struggling to get a console on release day to gaming sessions late into the night to getting rid of games only to build your collection back up again. And god, look at that glorious collection:



It’s almost enough to make this Wii hater open her arms to remotes and nunchucks… almost.

I strongly encourage all of you to check out his full post which, once again, you can find here. Let me know in the comments below what systems you collect for or would collect for. For myself it would be the PS3 or Xbox One, both of which represent high points in my personal gaming experiences—which is to say I played the hell out of those consoles.


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