My name is Janet Garcia and I’ve been a video game journalist and content creator since 2015. Currently, I’m an associate guides editor at IGN and am running a video game journalism/content creation advice blog called Game Industry Guides.

I hold a B.A. in English Literature with honors in creative writing and certification in Secondary Education. Other bylines can be found at Nerd Much, Bit Cultures, Kotaku, Hard Drive, and more.

This site serves as a hub world and a portfolio of my work: including reviews, previews, features, news, podcasts, videos, interviews, live streams, and more.

After starting at IGN, I put my YouTube channel on hold but you can still go to it to find vlogs, opinion videos, unboxings, reviews, etc. I also produced over 80 podcasts/videos for Bit By Bit, a project that ran for 1.5 years with Jess Reed.

My branding across social media, and the internet in general, is Gameonysus. The name “Gameonysus” (pronounced game-on-uh-sus) is inspired by the name Dionysus (the god of wine). This is a nod to my love of mythology but also reflects my overall goal. This isn’t to say I want to be the greatest gamer in the universe (i.e a god of gaming); rather, I want my gaming experiences and the content I create to be a universe: expansive, beautiful, curiosity-driven, and inspiring. I strive to play a wide variety of games and offer opinions/insights that will benefit and enrich the lives of others.

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