img_8826My name is Janet Garcia and I’m a freelance video game journalist from Chicago, IL. This site serves as a portfolio of my work and a way to get updates on my latest projects. I’ve been creating video game related content for over 2 years now, including articles, reviews, lists, podcasts, let’s plays, and various videos.

I currently write for Nerd Much.

My previous writing can be found at Bit Cultures and over 80 of my podcasts/videos can be found at Bit By Bit, a project that ran for 1.5 years.

The name “Gameonysus” (pronunced game-on-uh-sus) is inspired by the name Dionysus (the god of wine). For me, Gameonysus means “god of gaming,” which reflects my overall goal. This isn’t to say I want to be the greatest gamer in the universe; rather, I want my gaming experiences and the content I create to be a universe: expansive, beautiful, curiosity driven, and awe inspiring. I strive to play a wide variety of games and offer opinions/insights that will benefit and enrich the lives of others.