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Website Update

When I started this website I decided it would be a hub world for all my gaming thoughts: it both has and hasn't been that. Currently is schrödinger's blog. I want to make the focus clearer so here's what I have in mind... Continue Reading →


Hiphop x Video Games: Super Mario World by Logic

This post is the first in a series called Hiphop x Video Games which highlights the overlap between the two. Both hiphop and games have been with me since early childhood and have made a huge impact on me. For... Continue Reading →

What the Nintendo Switch Needs to Do to Be Successful in 2017

I've had the Nintendo Switch since launch day and so far I'm very happy with the console. I'm surprised with how much I enjoy its portability and, so far, I've played Breath of the Wild, Binding of Issac, Shovel Knight,... Continue Reading →

Why the Nintendo Switch is quickly becoming my favorite console.

"It doesn't even have any games." "What's the online support going to be like?" "What about the connectivity issues?" "I hear the screen can get scratched or at least, like, the black edge part around the screen." "Dead pixels." "Frame... Continue Reading →

White in the Woods: Why Night in the Woods is the whitest game I’ve ever played.

Night in the Woods is an indie adventure game, about Mae—a college dropout who has returned home. Mae has to navigate the changes her friends and the town itself has undergone while an ominous, potentially paranormal, mystery looms in the... Continue Reading →

Somehow I Didn’t Know: Those controllers with the built in fans were Nyko, not Mad Catz.

The controllers I’m referencing are the Nyko Air Flo controllers. I had one for my PS2, this exact model, and loved it: Sure it was another janky 3rd party controller, but it had character to it. Plus, I loved the... Continue Reading →

“The Secret Loves of Geek Girls” validates and encourages, all at once.

With Valentine's Day approaching, love talk is done to death... but bear with me.  The Secret Loves of Geek Girls may be about love but its a refreshing and comforting take on the topic. The Secret Loves of Geek Girls is... Continue Reading →

What Remeshed Meant to Me

At the end of last month, Remeshed (a gaming site by women, for women) announced the end of its site. Even if you hadn't heard of this site until now, this announcement matters. Not just because Remeshed produced good content but because of... Continue Reading →

Collection Envii: this complete Wii set is inspiring.

Thanks to Chris Carter's Destructoid article, I found out about one man's complete Wii collection. "Somehow, user NintendoTwizer managed to fully complete a Wii collection -- yes, I mean he has every game ever made on the Wii, which is... Continue Reading →

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